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 ~[u]. vs oD 1:0 won

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PostSubject: ~[u]. vs oD 1:0 won   Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:54 pm

Well here we go...
Today we had fun war agaist oD....
20:41:18- [u]Corvs so we can all play on mid now then?
20:41:28- siboy If you want tho

So game started siboy lames like always...his stupid laming on mid...i think i dont need to explain it because you all know it already
We were just ready to play thier style which is very well known in sniper community...their laming dm....when we started too playing their tactic...just siboy and the rest failed
It was 3:0 for ~[u]. and 1#RAGE QUIT by Sangraal

It is still 3:0 we are trying to cap...flag is before our base right low..2#RAGE QUIT by Sangraal

siboy was on thier left low...just my ownage shoot and return
3# RAGE QUIT by Sangraal

He left and rejoined too many times...i didnt make all screens if i will do i can upload them for one week
4#RAGE QUIT by Element without come back

Their sub was bored of this game because Element didnt comeback...maybe lagged out...so thier sub also lagged out
5#RAGE QUIT devil without comeback

Here you can see he is realy out..how i said maybe he lagged out

6# we decided...we dont need to beat them more 7:0 is good enought already and play 3 vs 5 it isnt fun...

What i can see...it was fun for us i dont know how for oD...but it was funny...oD can thanks to their a KID aka siboy...we after this we played agaist xS| you can ask them it was nice and clear game without laming like this one....i hope you will grow up one day siboy...dont try make us angry again

areku where the fuck are u crazy lil espanolo
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~[u]. vs oD 1:0 won
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